Collection: Walker Reese

In January 2023, we officially announced that we were expanding our boutique to offer custom apparel printed in store. Today, I want to announce to you that we have officially branded our printing business: Walker Reese.
Walker Reese is not just a name; it's a beacon of love, remembrance, and resilience. It is a brand born from the profound loss of our son, a story that resonates with the depth of parental love and the strength to transform grief into a legacy. Walker Reese is more than a t-shirt printing business; it is a heartfelt tribute, a movement to carry forward, and a way to connect with others through shared stories of love, loss, and hope. Every item printed is a testament to our enduring love for Walker Reese and an invitation for others to share their stories, wear their hearts on their sleeves, and find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. We aim to create a community of support, understanding, and shared healing.
We have carefully selected each of our designs to reflect our local community as well as current trends, and will continue to do so with our customer community in mind.
From this point forward, all graphic t-shirts that we print (with the exception of those with monograms or names) will be signed with our brand signature.